Well, after all: there is still a road to get home where man can shelter.
Home sweet home.
Even if you are on a road to find your way in life and just see so many crossings...and don't know which one to pick. Trust me there are. Right know I am standing at one.
But mama told me, if you don't see the way to home with your own eyes then trust your ears.
And wait patiently until the soft voice in your heart will speak.  Listen. There's more than one way home.


There is more than one way home ( click )

3 opmerkingen:

Sjoerd zei

Klopt helemaal, mooi stukje muziek...

Salty Letters zei

@Sjoerd: Ja, Keb Mo heeft mooie teksten op mooie blues. Of mooie blues op mooie teksten....

Salty Letters zei

@Sjoerd: Deze is voor jou en je lief :

Vind ze vast mooi :))