Like the tides...

We all have had it happen, when someone, a friend or family member, who has been in our life for a very long time, suddenly betrays us or deserts us. It is more than painful; devastating. And maybe we try to fight to make it right, even though they were at fault. The thing that we must come to terms with, is not everyone is meant to be on our journey throughout our entire life. People will come in and out of our lives...even the ones we think are supposed to be with us til the end. We must let go of the "supposed to". It's sometimes better to move on, with gratitude for what good we have received, or the lesson they may have taught us; and allow them to stay in our hearts, but not in our lives. ♥ 

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Terrence Weijnschenk zei

'You can't always get what you wa-ant'.

Sjoerd zei

Don't tell me!...