A mind lively and at ease, can do with seeing nothing, and can see nothing that does not answer.
Jane Austen.

How I love to read her novels, how I love to see the performings of her books on tv, or dvd...
For 2 years ago I saw the movie 'Becoming Jane ' ( Zeeland, holiday 2008 ) and was touched by it.
I felt in love with her( that is in a way of speaking most utterly ''strange '' for a women like me who only falls in love with men )
But and if so... you'll feel like you want to fall in love again... read her. And your mind will be... lively and at ease... can do with seeing nothing... and more...
Can see nothing that does not answer....

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Terrebel zei

Wintertime is here...The perfect season to read Jane...

Chamelea zei

How lovely!